Kettlebell Kings is very excited to be partnering with Grappling Central to create content designed to improve your strength and conditioning preparation for combat sports. The goal of our partnership is create workouts, tips and technique so that listeners can improve your workouts and better prepare for your events. We will be creating content ranging from mastering the beginner kettlebell movements in order to form a solid base of kettlebell knowledge all the way to advanced movements taught to World Champions. 

download.pngAll of the content we will be creating is designed specifically for combat sports and will be taught by instructors who currently train World Champions like Xande Ribiero.  Make sure to sign up for post notifications through the form on the right side of this post to receive notifications of each new release.

Kettlebell Kings partners with experts to bring you workouts that:

  • build muscle
  • burn fat
  • prevent injury
  • increase mobility


  • Mostly 10-20 minute workouts
  • Perform at home, outdoors at the gym
  • Stay up to date on the best ways to use your kettlebell